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Health Materials Library

Downloadable Materials 

Shareable COVID-19 and other health education materials

How to use this health material library page:


  • Scroll down to find the document you want 

  • Click to open as PDF

  • Save to your computer

Help us get the message out!

  • Print, post online or share these resources however you like!

  • Email resources to colleagues within your organization

  • Share or display at health fairs & community events

  • Add flyers to care packages at drive thru events

  • Bring to parent meetings, youth groups, neighborhood association meetings

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Health messages are best when shared!

Downloadable Materials:

  • Vaccine schedule for children & teens - (updated 12/2022)

  • Keep Your Vaccine Card Safe - Vaccine card case inserts

  • Keep Your Vaccine Card Safe - Poster 

  • CEAL-AHEC docs

  • Long COVID - (updated 12/2022)

  • Homebound Vaccines

  • Requesting COVID test kits from pharmacy

  • Binax COVID home test video guide in English, Spanish, Pashto & Arabic (tag to attach to test kits)

  • iHealth COVID home test video guide in English & Spanish (tag to attach to test kits)

  • A San Antonio Community Health Worker guide- Providing Home Tests to Community Members

Library materials in action:


Can't find what you're looking for?

Send us a note via the Contact tab above, or take a look through the partner resources in our Health Materials Library.

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